PWCS cares deeply about students’ emotional well-being during the summer break.  If a student is in need of emotional support during this time, please feel free to send an e-mail to  A school mental health or health professional will answer and offer virtual support to students to the best of their ability.  This e-mail is not to be used for emergency situations as it will not be monitored 24 hours a day.  If a student is ever in an emergency situation he/she is encouraged to call 911 or utilize one of the resources listed below:

Emergency Resources:

ACTS Helpline                                               703.368.4141

1.800.SUICIDE (24-hour hotline)               1.800.784.2433

Crisis Text Hotline (24-hour hotline)         741741   

PWC Child Protective Services Hotline     703.792.4200

PWC Community Services Board               703.792.7800 (western PWCS) or 703.792.4900 (eastern PWCS)

***To Go Meals Available for PWCS Students this Summer***

Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE for Updated Local Food Pantry List

PWC Food Helpline - 703.794.4668

The School Counseling Team
 Ms. Trivett & Mrs. Wanat

School Counselors

Ms Trivett and Mrs. Wanat have been a team since August 2019. Ms. Trivett is the full-time school counselor and Mrs. Wanat is the part-time school counselor. She is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Message From Your School Counselors!

We miss you and hope that you are safe and healthy during our extended time off. Your school counselors are still available for any families in need. On this page you will find our contact information and resources that may be helpful. Stay positive during these challenging times! If you need to reach us please e-mail anytime.   

Contact Information

Karen Trivett:
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10am-11am

Kimberly Wanat:
Office Hours: Fridays 11am-12pm

Resources for Families

Resources for Families during Distance Learning

Recursos para familias durante el aprendizaje a distancia

Fun Counseling Resources for Students!

Asesoria Escolar Recursas Estudiantiles

Area Tele-Mental Health Resources

Recursos de Salud Telemental del Area