Open your journal to the next available page and write the date. If using a sheet of paper instead, don't forget to write your first and last name too.


June 12th is “National Call Your Doctor Day.” Write about a time when you went to the doctor.

What was the best part of school this year?

June is “National Great Outdoors Month.” What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Free Choice Writing

June 8th is “National Best Friends Day." Who is your best friend and why? Draw him or her and write about it.

How do you pack your lunch? Use First, Next, and Last to begin your sentences.

The first hot air balloon flight was on June 4th, 1783.  Design your own hot air balloon. Explain your drawing.

June 3rd is “Egg Day.”  Which came first the chicken or the egg?

On June 2nd, 1896, the radio was patented.What is your favorite song on the radio?  My favorite song on the radio is _______ because 

June 1st is Donut Day. What is your favorite kind of donut? Draw it and write about it.

On May 30th, the ice cream freezer was invented. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Write about it.

May 28th is National Hamburger Day! What is your favorite way to eat a hamburger? Draw a picture and write about it.

May is National Bike Month! If you could create a bike path, where would it go? Draw it and write about it.

Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

Write a story about an astronaut, space, and a rainbow with a pot of gold. Be creative!

On May 21, 1881, the American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton. 21 Tell about a time when you helped someone.
May 20th is “National Be a Millionaire Day.” What would you do with a million dollars?

Free Choice writing.

The third week in May is “National Police Week.” Why is a police officer’s job so valuable to the community?

Do you think we will ever live on the moon?  Draw what life would be like if we did!

Would you like to travel by boat? If so, where would you like to go?

What is your favorite dog breed and why?

Which fruit would you prefer as a snack an apple or a banana and why? Use this prompt...I would prefer ____ ________ because 

May 11th is “School Nurse Day.” Draw a picture and write a note to our nurse, Ms. Dixon. If you send it to me, I will share it with her.

 May 8th is "No Socks Day". Which sport would you prefer to play without socks (barefoot)?   Beach volleyball or  ice hockey?

What do you do to get ready for bed? Write about it using, First, Next, Then.

What do you like to do when it is a rainy day?

5-5-20 Today is Cinco de Mayo. What will you do to celebrate? Draw a picture and write about it.

Today is Star Wars Day. Use this writing prompt to write a story about it.

Your teacher misses you. What do you miss most about your teacher?

Imagine if you could be anyone else for one day! Who would it be and why?

Would you rather eat a salty soft pretzel or a sweet gooey cinnamon roll? Where would you get one? Write about it.

If you were to invent a new flavor of jellybean, what would it be and why? Write about it and illustrate.

Free Choice writing. Draw a picture and create a story about it.

Today is Friday. What is your favorite thing about Fridays? Write about it.
What is your favorite kind of candy? Draw a picture and write about it.
Today is Earth Day. What is one way that you could help to take care of our Earth?

Think of three words in the -at family. Draw pictures and write the words.

Think of three objects that start with Ll. Draw and label them.

If you could plant any food in a garden, what would you plant?  Think about taco trees from Dragons Love Tacos. Write about it and illustrate.

Today is Workout Wednesday. What exercise can you do at home today? Write about it.

Free Choice writing. Draw a picture and label it. Remember to stretch out those sounds. 

If the Easter Bunny could could bring you a magic egg, what kind of magic would it have? Write about it and illustrate.

Think about your favorite story. Draw the main character and write about what that character does in the story.

Free choice writing. Write about whatever you want and illustrate.

What is your favorite food to eat? Draw a picture and write 2 sentences about it. What do you like and what do you like so much about it? Use descriptive words like crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet to describe your food.


What is the best thing about staying at home? Draw a picture and write about it.

Writing Rules

Write and draw the picture with a pencil.
Color your picture with crayons.
Sentences begin with a capital letter ABC and end with punctuation . ?!
Use lowercase letters for the other words.
Use spaces between your words (even if you only have one sound for each word)
Use the words that you know in your story.
Stretch out the sounds for the words you don't know.
Begin your sentences with words other than I.
Be creative and have fun!