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April 20 - 24

Click on the links below to view the Choice Board and Virtual Lessons for the week of April 20 - 24:

Choice Board

"Fat Cat on a Mat" read aloud video lesson - grades K-2
"Fat Cat on a Mat" book pages in video did not show up very well.  Click HERE to see pictures of the pages.
"I'm Bored" read aloud video lesson
Just for fun - spy code puzzle - Puzzle - grades 3-5
spy code puzzle hint and answer

April 27 - May 1

Choice Board


Big Pig on a Dig video lesson (K-2)

Mason and the Mega-nauts lesson (3-5)
introduction video
chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10
chapter 11

Think abouts for the book link to website
Mason and the Mega-nauts by Helene Boudreau - book

drawing templates for Mason and the Mega-nauts

I, Mrs. Platt, love puzzles.  So just for fun I want to share some puzzles with you.  Please challenge your brain and try the puzzle before you look at the answers. 

Count the Triangles puzzle
Count the Triangles answer

Magic Post Card - trick

May 4 - 8


I Am Amelia Earhart lesson introduction
I Am Amelia Earhart read by author Brad Meltzer
I Am Amelia Earhart follow up lesson video

3rd grade
Research lesson
Culture Grams document 

4th grade
reference materials document
reference materials lesson part 1
reference materials lesson part 2

5th grade
website evaluation lesson
website evaluation document
website evaluation - my website

I, Mrs. Platt, love puzzles.
Just for fun here is an Impossible Knot challenge.

May 11 - 15


Ted in a Red Bed video

Crossing Niagara video part 1
Crossing Niagara video part 2

Just for fun puzzles since I, Mrs. Platt, love puzzles
Dead End puzzle
Dead End answer

Fat Cat puzzle 
Fat Cat answer

Outer Space Rebus puzzle
Outer Space Rebus hint and answer video

May 18 - 22


Toad Makes a Road video
alphabet scavenger hunt document

The Bat Boy and His Violin video part 1
The Bat Boy and His Violin video part 2

Just for fun - puzzles - I love puzzles, Mrs. Platt.


How big is the dinosaur? puzzle
How big is the dinosaur? answer

May 25 - 29

describing lesson K-2 video
describing lesson 3-5 video
describing game video

Goldie Socks and the Libearians video 

Puzzles - Mrs. Platt loves puzzles - just for fun
how many chocolates? puzzle
how many chocolates? answer

knotty knitter puzzle
knotty knitter answer

mirror symmetry puzzle
mirror symmetry answer

June 1-5


Those Darn Squirrels video lesson (K-5)
Number One Sam video lesson (K-5)

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles - since Mrs. Platt loves puzzles so much - just for fun

Orange puzzler puzzle
Orange puzzler answer

Picture pairs puzzle
Picture pairs answer

Squares puzzle
Squares answer

Tricky blocks puzzle
Tricky blocks answer

June 8-12

Punk Farm video lesson (K-5 fun)

puzzles - Mrs. Platt loves puzzles - have fun-
Weigh boxes puzzle
Weigh boxes answer

Where in the chairs? puzzle
Where in the chairs? answer

Which letter? puzzle
Which letter? answer

Who did it? puzzle
Who did it? hint
Who did it? answer

Summer Resources

Summer Reading Programs
Public Library