Day of the Week







Social Science/



Physical Health



Personal/Social Development



Minutes per day

20 minutes

10-15 mins

10-15 mins

10-15 mins

30 mins or more

Throughout the day


Talk about words that have the Ss sound.

Find something in your house that begins with that letter.


Count a set of small objects up to 10.


Sinking and floating objects experiment.

Find a combination of light and heavy objects (coin, pencil, Lego block, small toy figurine). Use a bowl or tub clear or colored.


Help pass out silverware or objects in preparation for dinner





Identify foods that you are eating as fruits, vegetables.


Practice doing jumping jacks and counting

5 jumping jacks


Solve a hard puzzle together to practice communication and teamwork.




Write your name 3 times

Count a set of objects up to 5


Talk about the objects that sank which floated.
Try new ones

Talk about ways to be safe in your home.




Practice different ways to move place to place like:






Ask your child about how they are feeling.


Read a Favorite story.

Draw your favorite part of the story


Draw a two- or three-color pattern.

Talk about things that need water to grow or survive.
Plants, people

Talk about different jobs you can have a home.
Who will do them?
How do they do them?




Talk about healthy foods you have in your house. Fruits or vegetables.


Practice taking deep breaths with your family.


Act out Teddy Bear teddy bear.

Nursery rhyme


Practice counting,


Identify shapes in your environment


Talk about what the weather is looking like outside. Is it rainy? Sun. Is it hot or cold?

Practice Handwashing and think of when you should wash your hands at home.




Review Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Nursery Rhyme using movement





Read story that promotes caring, or respect.


Act out a story or Nursery Rhyme

Example: Humpty Dumpty

3 little Pigs.



Construction or building with logos or blocks.

Go outside and talk about what you see on that spring day. Bring inside an artifact. Leaf, pinecone, flower etc.

Explore a place outside (use social distancing guidelines)




Watch your family member prepare a dish. Identify which foods they used.




As you enjoy a calm and relaxing mealtime have conversations about your day.


The times listed are minimum times.  Activities can go on if the student is interested.